AluRide Dog Crate – Size S

AluRide Dog Crate, The AluRide Dog Crate is an aluminium plastic composite transport box and is a safe and comfortable way to transport your dog when travelling…

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AluRide Dog Crate – Size S: 82 x 50 x 65 cm (L x W x H), The AluRide Dog Crate is an aluminium plastic composite transport box and is a safe and comfortable way to transport your dog when travelling by car. This high quality crate is strong, durable, and very light. It is made from a premium aluminium plastic composite and is waterproof. It has rounded edges preventing injury or damage to your car while moving the crate. The door is mounted on sturdy, safe hinges made from plastic. It can be locked with a key and has little rubber nubs so that it shuts quietly and does not rattle when the car is moving. The AluRide Dog Crate provides your dog with a safe, secure environment whilst travelling. It also provides a certain amount of shade, preventing your dog from overheating while you drive. The AluRide Dog Crate can be quickly and easily assembled, with just a few simple steps. The sloping front and rear walls ensure that it fits perfectly into your car boot. The AluRide Dog Crate at a glance: Trapezoidal Shape The sloped front and back (70° angle) of this crate means that it fits well into the boot. The box offers plenty of sun protection and prevents overheating. Rounded Corners The rounded corners help ensure greatest possibly safety and protect against injury. Aluminium Grille Front Door The grille helps ensure your dog always has plenty of ventilation in the crate, as well as getting a good view during its journey. Lockable Front Door The front door can be sealed with a safety hinge and easily locked using the key provided. Aluminium plastic composite Very stable, 100 % water proof Strong aluminium frame Sloping front and rear (70° angle) Front door lockable with a key Plastic nubs to ensure door closes quietly and to prevent rattling Removable rear wall – emergency exit Safe, robust construction, provides additional shade for your pet Premium design Easy to assemble Sizing table: S M L Outer dimensions: L x W x H (B1 x A1 x C1)* 82 x 50 x 65 cm 92 x 65 x 65 cm 92 x 80 x 65 cm Outer dimensions (roof): L x W (B2 x A2)* 37 x 50 cm 47 x 65 cm 47 x 80 cm Inner dimensions (base): L x W x H (b1 x a1 x c1)* 75 x 45 x 62 cm 85 x 60 x 62 cm 85 x 78 x 62 cm Inner dimensions (roof): L x W (b2 x a2)* 33 x 45 cm 43 x 60 cm 43 x 78 cm Door opening, front: W x H (D x E)* 36 x 61 cm 46 x 61 cm 52 x 61 cm Ground clearance to edge of door: (F)* 4cm 4cm 4cm Wall thickness: 4mm 4mm 4mm Bar spacing: (door / side / rear) 2.8cm / 4.5-5cm / 6cm 3.5cm / 4.5-5cm / 6cm 2.8cm / 3.5-4cm / 6cm Lower slope angle: (W1/W2) 70° 70° 70° Upper slope angle: (W3/W4) 110° 110° 110° Weight: 14.8kg 16.3kg 17.5kg * See attached PDF for key to dimensions Note: You will need to introduce your pet to the carrier slowly and carefully. Start by leaving the door open and allowing your pet to slowly enter in of its own accord. Then start closing the door and leaving it closed for longer and longer periods of time. Then try taking the pet carrier for a short spin in the car. The carrier should never be used as a punishment but rather be seen by your pet as a safe, positive place. Safety is a top priority when you are driving around with your dog or cat in the car. With this set of safety straps you can easily and reliably secure your pet’s travel crate. The set includes two straps with clamp locks for securing and fastening. The safety straps are made from tear-resistant, durable and hard-wearing material. The straps are versatile and can be used to secure different travel crates, for example carriers and cages for cats or dogs. Safety straps at a glance: Safety straps for travel crates Set of two clamp lock straps: secure a travel crate in the car Safe fastening: lashing strap with clamp lock, tension strap for securing cargo Versatile: ideal for securing travel crates, carriers and other transportation equipment for pets in vehicles Robust material: very durable straps, highly tear-resistant Holds up to: 70kg Material: Straps: 100% polyester Clamp lock: metal Colour: black Dimensions: approx. 250 x 2.5cm (L x W)

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