Bozita Tetra Pak Wet Cat Food – Minced Beef Chunks in Jelly

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Bozita Tetra Pak Wet Cat Food, Bozita Chunks in Jelly is available in eight delicious, traditional Swedish dishes. A complete cat food for all stages of your ca…

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Bozita Tetra Pak Wet Cat Food – Minced Beef Chunks in Jelly, Bozita Chunks in Jelly is available in eight delicious, traditional Swedish dishes. A complete cat food for all stages of your cat’s life – from kitten to adult. Bozita is presented in smart packaging which is safe and easy to handle, open and reseal. Food can stay fresh in the refrigerator for up to 2 days. Empty packaging is easy to dispose of and takes up very little space when the box is re-flattened. Bozita products are made from quality Swedish meats, fish, shellfish and eggs. They are free of soy, grain and preservatives, and lean on fat – only 4%. Due to their high meat content, Bozita cat foods have a well-balanced profile of amino acids. Bozita meals are naturally rich in vitamins A, B and D, and also enriched with taurine. Vitamin A and taurine are essential for your cat’s vision. Bozita dishes contain perfectly balanced Omega-3 fatty acids to promote a shiny and soft coat, and Vitamins C and E are added for their positive effects on the immune system, and for their natural antioxidant properties. Bozita Chunks in Jelly features: Meat in an appetizing clear jelly No soy proteins or grains Free from artificial aromas and preservatives No meat meal Practical packaging Bozita Chunks in Sauce complete wet cat food is made using premium ingredients such as Swedish beef, pork, chicken and fish and the juicy chunks contain all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals your cat needs to stay healthy. It is enriched with MicroGard, a natural food supplement and a source of ß-glucan, which supports the immune system and strengthens body defences together with the white blood cells. The Bozita guarantee: Only products of the highest quality are used The use of fresh meat increases digestibility and ensures that Bozita Chunks in Sauce cat food is well accepted. All ingredients are free from growth hormones (Lantmännen Doggy AB policy) No artificial flavour enhancers or colourings No artificial preservatives Environmentally friendly packaging: light, space-saving and recyclable Product, ecological and quality certification Low in fat for a healthy diet Bozita Chunks cat food comes in a practical Tetra Recart packaging which keeps it fresh and tasty. This handy packaging is easy to open and ensures optimal protection for the contents. The Bozita Tetra Recart packs are easily resealed by folding back the corners and food will stay fresh and tasty in the fridge for up to two days. The empty, flat packaging takes up little space in the bin and empty cartons can be recycled where facilities exist. These space-saving cartons also need less CO2 and energy to produce and transport, compared with traditional packaging, so they are very environmentally friendly. Tetra Recart packs are easy to open: Bozita Chunks in Sauce – A taste of Sweden. More information on individual varieties, including ingredients and feeding recommendations, can be found here: Bozita Wet Cat Food * Special offer items have limited availability and are very popular. We cannot guarantee availability of these items. The images used in this promotion are for illustration purposes only and do not constitute a binding offer. Out of stock promotional items are no longer available for purchase.

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