Briantos Adult Chicken & Rice – 14kg

Briantos Adult Chicken & Rice, Briantos Adult Chicken Rice dry dog food at a glance: Great tasting and well accepted: Made with lots of tasty poultry so it is a…

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Briantos Adult Chicken & Rice – 14kg, Briantos Adult Chicken Rice dry dog food at a glance: Great tasting and well accepted: Made with lots of tasty poultry so it is also suitable for picky dogs Easy to digest:The premium ingredients are gently prepared to ensure palatability and digestibility High meat content: Top quality animal protein helps your pet to stay lively and energetic Cell protection: Vitamin E and selenium are antioxidants which can help to protect cells. They protect cells from free radicals and can help to slow down the aging process Protein to fat ratio: The protein to fat ratio of 21.5% – 11% helps your dog to maintain its ideal weight which helps to protect joints and bones Optimal intestinal flora: The balanced mix of fibre helps to keep your dog’s gut flora working well and supports a balanced digestion and well-formed faeces No additives: Free from wheat, soya, artificial colours, aromas and preservatives Appropriate food To suit each life stage and nutritional need Exclusive to zooplus. Made in Germany Briantos Adult Chicken Rice is a complete dry dog food which contains only the very best, carefully selected ingredients. It is made with lots of delicious, easy to digest chicken and enriched with rice. This premium kibble has been developed by leading nutrition experts and is based on the latest scientific findings. It provides your adult dog with a balanced meal and contains all essential vitamins and nutrients your pet needs for a long and vital life. Briantos Adult Chicken Rice also contains essential fatty acids which help to promote supple skin and a glossy coat. Even the fussiest of dogs will enjoy this palatable kibble. Briantos Adult Chicken Rice is a premium quality kibble which is suitable for adult dogs of all breeds and sizes. It provides your pet with a nutritious, balanced meal. Using only the best ingredients it is gently prepared to ensure that it retains all the vital nutrients, natural vitamins and essential fatty acids as well as its great taste. Briantos Adult dry dog food is a delicious balanced meal for your dog and contains everything your pet needs, at an amazing price. It is made in Germany under stringent quality standards and controls to guarantee a consistent high quality. The comprehensive assortment includes food for different life stages, sizes and nutritional needs as well as a range of flavours, so it’s easy to feed your dog the right food. Briantos Adult Chicken Rice is a complete dry food for adult dogs and is available in the following sizes: 3kg and 14kg.