Concept for Life Boxer Adult – 12kg

Concept for Life Boxer Adult, Concept for Life Boxer Adult provides your adult Boxer with a balanced diet formulated to meet its specific needs: Digestive healt…

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Concept for Life Boxer Adult – 12kg, Concept for Life Boxer Adult provides your adult Boxer with a balanced diet formulated to meet its specific needs: Digestive health: Prebiotic inulin, dried beet pulp and linseed help to regulate digestion and gastro-intestinal functions. Both chicken as a source of protein and rice are highly digestible Cartilage and joint protection: This formula contains the two natural cartilage nutrients glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate. Vitamin C also helps encourage collagen formation for healthy cartilage Cardiac function: Enriched with taurine, EPA and DHA which can help to support heart function Size-adapted kibble: The kibble has been adapted to suit Boxers. It stimulates intensive chewing action which can help to slow down food intake Appropriate protein fat content: With a 25% protein content and 19% fat content, this food is specifically adapted to the athletic nature of Boxers. Also contains L-carnitine Well-accepted: This balanced formula is also very well accepted by choosy dogs Promotes vitality: The antioxidants from green tea and marigold flowers, as well as prebiotics, can contribute to a strengthening of the body’s natural defences Dental health: Stay-Clean™ complex with soluble vitamin C in combination with special plant fibre can help improve dental hygiene. The unique texture of the kibble can help to mechanically clean your dog’s teeth Concept for Life Boxer Adult dry dog food provides a balanced diet and optimal holistic care: the nutritional composition is formulated to meet your Boxer’s specific requirements and to promote all-round health and well-being.The Boxer is a bright, curious dog. They retain their playful character into adulthood and love to romp around. Their active, athletic nature places specific demands on their diet, with an emphasis on a need for healthy cardiac function and cartilage and joint protection. Concept for Life Boxer Adult has been developed with these nutritional needs in mind and helps to ensure that you dog gets the best possible diet for all-round care and vitality Concept for Life is tailored nutrition for your pet: Scientifically-based nutritional concept, that focuses on the nutritional requirements and well-being of your dog, in every phase of life The main ingredients are functional raw materials of the highest quality and characterised by excellent digestibility and tolerance. The special FORMULA X helps to actively support lifelong well-being and maximum functionality Species and needs-based mix of nutrients help your dog to live a good, healthy life. No wheat or soya Concept for Life Boxer Adult is a premium, complete dry food and is available in the following sizes: 1.5kg, 6kg (4 x 1.5kg) and 12kg

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