Concept for Life Mum & Young Kittens – 10kg

Concept for Life Mum & Young Kittens, CONCEPT FOR LIFE Mum Young Kittens – complete dry cat food specifically formulated for pregnant and lactating queens and y…

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Concept for Life Mum & Young Kittens – 10kg, CONCEPT FOR LIFE Mum Young Kittens – complete dry cat food specifically formulated for pregnant and lactating queens and young kittens aged 6 weeks to 4 months: Formulated with a special vitamin and antioxidant complex, colostrum and prebiotics, which all help to support the body’s own defences With adapted fat and protein content, optimally suited to meet the energy requirements of pregnant and lactating mum cats Uniform growth: contains a high proportion of easily digested protein, as well as an appropriate mix of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, tailored to meet your kitten’s nutritional and increased energy requirements Small-sized kibble: suitable for the small jaws of a kitten, helps to facilitate easy intake of food. Feed initially as a supplement, in soaked form Combine the easy to digest protein with rice for optimum digestibility This kibble also contains DHA-rich algae meal. DHA can help to support the development of brain function in your kitten Increased vitamin D3 content and a balanced ratio of calcium and phosphorus support optimal development of bones and teeth during the vital growing phase. The right nutrition is very important for your young kitten’s development. They need a food that meets their very specific requirements and needs. It is also a physically demanding time for pregnant and lactating cats. They too need easy to digest, top-quality, energy rich food to ensure healthy foetus development and to compensate for the increased dietary requirements. CONCEPT FOR LIFE – the very best quality for your cat: Scientifically based nutritional concept which focusses on your cat’s individual well-being and dietary requirements at all life stages. The main ingredients are functional raw materials of the highest quality, characterised by high digestibility and acceptance The special FORMULA X actively supports life-long well-being and ensures maximum functionality No wheat or soya Concept for Life – tailored nutrition for your pet. Concept for Life Mum Young Kittens dry cat food is available in the following sizes: 400g, 3kg, 10kg and 2 x10kg

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