Hemp Oil Feed – 250ml

Hemp Oil Feed, Hemp Oil Feed is made of natural, cold-pressed seed oil of the hemp plant. The cold pressing (seeds and oil may not exceed a temperature of 40°C)…

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Hemp Oil Feed – 250ml, Hemp Oil Feed is made of natural, cold-pressed seed oil of the hemp plant. The cold pressing (seeds and oil may not exceed a temperature of 40°C) ensures that the most important and valuable nutrients are maintained. Hemp Oil is particularly recommended for pets with allergic reactions and coat problems. There are many stories of the remarkable effects of the gamma-linoleic acid on irritations caused by allergy. Hemp oil is one of the few products of nature which contain this rare and important fatty acid. Hemp Oil Feed: Stimulates the immune system Helpful with infections Strengthens and conditions during exercise Helps with fur replenishment and condition Positive effect on the body and metabolism Next to vitamins, trace elements and other nutrients, it is the polyunsaturated fatty acids in this oil which make it so valuable. A deficiency in essential fatty acids can cause skin changes such as eczema and allergic irritations. Essential fatty acids contribute an important part to the skin’s barrier function. They regulate the transepidermal water loss on the outer layer of the skin, which increases sharply in the case of deficiencies. Eczema and allergies: The enzymatic transformation of linoleic acid into gamma-linoleic acid is impaired in pets with eczema or allergies. This causes deficiencies in long-chain, essential fatty acids. The feeding of gamma-linoleic acid counterbalances this deficit. Cure: Almost all eczema and allergies are results of environmental influences, their symptomatic causes are complex and often difficult to ascertain. The impaired metabolic processes become apparent in the external organs: skin, coat, feathers. Hemp oil offers quick relief from many cases of allergic symptoms. Worth knowing: in human medicine, hemp oil is used for its gamma-linoleic acid in the treatment of atopic eczema.

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