Herrmann’s Organic Meat 6 x 800g – Organic Chicken

Herrmann’s Organic Meat 6 x 800g, Herrmann’s Organic Meat is a unique, high quality, supplementary organic food for dogs. It is also suitable for cats. It conta…

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Herrmann’s Organic Meat 6 x 800g – Organic Chicken, Herrmann’s Organic Meat is a unique, high quality, supplementary organic food for dogs. It is also suitable for cats. It contains a high percentage of premium, certified organic meat comes from controlled organic farms. The top quality ingredients are sourced in Upper Bavaria, where the Hermann’s production site is situated and they believe that quality and ethical values are very important so all animals are slaughtered at the respective farms to avoid transporting the animals. All animal feed is closely monitored and antibiotics or other growth-promoting substances are strictly forbidden. It is also very important that all animals are raised free-range or in conditions where they have regular access to open spaces. This tasty food does not contain any other ingredients except for pure meat. It is free from grain and carbohydrates, so you can decide what else to add. It is suitable for pets with food intolerances or those on an exclusion diet and you can vary the meals by adding a selection of fresh vegetables. They are also great for mixing with kibble or flakes. Herrmann’s Organic Meat Food is natural, species appropriate nutrition for your cat and dog: Nearly all the meat in Herrmann’s Organic Meat wet food comes from organic farms* where animals are humanely raised and slaughtered – love for animals is not limited to dogs. Carbohydrates and fibre can be separately added to Herrmann’s Organic Meat. Herrmann’s Organic Meat is especially easy to digest and is very light on the stomach. Organic Meat by Herrmann’s is also excellent for allergic and nutritionally sensitive dogs and cats Only the animals named in the ingredients list are used in Herrmann’s Organic Meat, making it convenient for pets on exclusion diets Herrmann’s Organic Meat is especially gently steamed, so that the full vitamin and mineral content remains – the entire production process is approved by German certifier Biokreis. Tested and approved by the Biokreis board of control Free of artificial preservatives and other additives. Only premium, unadulterated ingredients: no fillers, attractants or artificial flavouring and therefore richer in nutrients than conventional food. Please note, that Herrmann’s Organic Meat is a supplementary food and therefore should be fed with grains and vegetables. The Herrmann’s Organic Food Team believes that all animals should be humanely raised – even livestock. Therefore, Herrmann’s only uses meat from animals that have been reared in this way. This philosophy is reflected in the quality of the product: no antibiotics or stress-released hormones. Herrmann’s Organic is a culinary delight for every dog cat, especially sensitive or allergic pets. Healthy food for a happy pet – that is the objective! The Mixed Pack contains: 1 x Organic Beef 2 x Organic Chicken 1 x Organic Turkey 2 x Organic Duck

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