HOKAMIX 30 Powder – 2.5kg

HOKAMIX 30 Powder, Hokamix is a natural dietary supplement made up of selected herbs such as aniseed, stinging nettle and rosemary. The herbs contain natural mi…

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HOKAMIX 30 Powder – 2.5kg, Hokamix is a natural dietary supplement made up of selected herbs such as aniseed, stinging nettle and rosemary. The herbs contain natural minerals, trace elements, amino acids and vitamins. Hokamix balances nutritional deficiencies and helps the body absorb nutrients more efficiently. Hokamix supports the detoxification of the body, generates the foundation for an optimally functioning metabolism, and stimulates the intestinal flora. Hokamix 30 Powder at a glance: Dietary supplement for dogs For a healthy, shiny coat For a powerful muscular-skeletal system Optimizes the metabolism Balances nutrition-caused deficiencies Supports all bodily functions Dogs are originally carnivores, who hunted in the wild and consumed all of their prey, including the stomach and guts. Thus all essential nutrients, especially vegetables, were ingested with the prey. The domestic dog, however, is dependent on the feeding behaviour of his human. In spite of high-value full diets, nutrition-caused deficiencies still occur, such as weak and dry skin, sensitive skin or limb pains. Because even with high-value compound feeds many ingredients disappear or are destroyed during the manufacturing process. Hokamix is a natural food supplement based on carefully selected herbs. The vitamins and minerals contain no additives, and exclusively natural parts of the herbs are used. You can enrich your dog’s food with Hokamix in each and every phase of his life. The balanced combination of natural herbs is the perfect daily food supplement. This is the reason why more and more dog owners choose this daily natural supplement to add to their dog’s food. The herbs in Hokamix ensure optimal acceptance and absorption of food – proved by experience and research. Hokamix creates the foundation for an optimally functioning metabolism by removing excessive waste products, originating from an inefficient working metabolism. The intestinal flora is sanitised such that food can be more efficiently digested and absorbed. Use Hokamix Powder: as a preventative measure for puppies (particularly for large breeds) to support highly active pets (agility, running, sport) therapeutically following an illness or for elderly pets Note: Do not heat Hokamix 30 Powder above +35°C or mix with hot water. Store in a cool and dry place.