Lukullus Poultry & Lamb – Grain-Free – 6 x 800g

Lukullus Poultry & Lamb, Lukullus contains a unique blend of natural ingredients: Over 65% of this food is meat or fish, forming the basis of a healthy diet for…

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Lukullus Poultry & Lamb – Grain-Free – 6 x 800g, Lukullus contains a unique blend of natural ingredients: Over 65% of this food is meat or fish, forming the basis of a healthy diet for your dog. The meat and offal in this recipe are subject to the highest control standards, and guarantee that your dog is going to love it. High quality carbohydrates and fibre support your dog’s metabolism. Fruit and vegetables give the recipe a particularly fresh flavour, whilst supplying natural vitamins. A variety of delicious oils complete each recipe, and are a good source of omega-3 and -6 fatty acids which support your pet’s glossy fur and healthy skin. No chemical additives or preservatives are used in the preparation of Lukullus wet dog food. Made in Germany Lukullus Poultry Lamb is a grain-free complete wet dog food. The wholesome, nutritious recipe uses a combination of animal protein, vegetable ingredients and valuable oils to ensure your dog gets all the nutrients it needs. The top quality ingredients are freshly prepared so as to retain the natural, delicious taste and vital nutrients and it is completely free from chemical additives.All ingredients are fresh, and combined in a gentle cooking process that preserves the original flavour of the meat and vegetables, and protects their nutritional value. This high quality, healthy and tasty dog food from Lukullus provides your dog with everything it needs. Lukullus – trust in the power of nature. Lukullus Poultry Lamb with Potatoes, Dandelion Linseed Oil is a hearty combination of lamb and poultry, which are both a rich source of high-quality protein. The grain-free recipe also contains tasty potatoes provide healthy carbohydrates and dandelion leaves promote a healthy digestion as well as giving the food a unique, delicious flavour. Linseed oil rounds off the recipe with unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, ensuring a glossy coat and healthy skin. Lukullus Natural wet dog food is available in a selection of different flavours. And there is also a seasonal variety for something really special. More information about the individual varieties can be found here: Lukullus Natural Dog Food Please note: Article 154224.4 is not available for delivery to Northern Ireland or the Channel Islands.

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