NEEWA Bungee Line Lead – 150cm

NEEWA Bungee Line Lead, The NEEWA Bungee Line Lead is the ideal Canicross accessory. In this emerging sport, you and your dog are linked via a lead attached to…

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NEEWA Bungee Line Lead – 150cm, The NEEWA Bungee Line Lead is the ideal Canicross accessory. In this emerging sport, you and your dog are linked via a lead attached to your waist, which allows him to run ahead and pull you with him. Together you cover greater distances than you would alone, at a higher speed. All you need to start is this lead, plus a matching harness for your dog and a special waist belt for you. This effective run training engages different muscle groups than you would use on a normal run and offers an alternative way to have fun with your dog outdoors. The NEEWA Bungee Line Lead has an integral bungee cord that works to absorb shocks and jolts along the way. When either you or your dog changes pace during a run, the lead stretches and minimises abrupt tugging on the lead. The lead has robust carabiner clips at both ends that are used to attach it to the dog’s harness and to your waist belt. The lead is made of lightweight, durable material, with high quality manufacture, making the product very safe to use. NEEWA is a specialist Italian sports equipment brand, that works in close cooperation with professional dog trainers to develop their products. The materials and ergonomic design of each product is specifically adapted to meet the needs of extreme sports and leisure sports enthusiasts. The bungee line is made from hypoallergenic materials that are breathable and very lightweight. The materials do not absorb water and will not change shape. NEEWA Bungee Line Lead at a glance: Flexible dog lead, ideal for canicross or trekking With integral bungee line: works to absorb jolts and shocks caused by sudden stops or changes in speed Durable material: with high tensile strength and tear-resistance for maximum safety Robust carabiner clips: to attach the line to your running belt as well as the dog’s harness Extremely light: made of polypropylene, the lightest material currently on the market Practical material: hypoallergenic, maintains its shape without shrinking, moisture repellent and 100% recyclable High safety standards: this product conforms to the standards of the main international Canicross associations Made by the Italian market leader in outdoor sports equipment: NEEWA is a market leader in the manufacture of outdoor sports equipment for dogs. The brand stands for the highest quality and functionality Material: Material: Polypropylene Ring and clips: Aluminium Click lock fastening: Plastic Colour: black Size: Length: 1.50m, up to 1.95m at full stretch Width: 25mm

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