PeeWee EcoDome Starter Pack – Anthracite Grey

PeeWee EcoDome Starter Pack, The PeeWee EcoDome Hooded Litter Tray is a handy litter tray system that is easy to use and also environmentally friendly. Thanks t…

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PeeWee EcoDome Starter Pack – Anthracite Grey, The PeeWee EcoDome Hooded Litter Tray is a handy litter tray system that is easy to use and also environmentally friendly. Thanks to its spacious dimensions, the PeeWee EcoDome cat litter tray is particularly suitable for large cat breeds. The litter tray is designed with a double bottom with two trays on top of each other. Around 90% of the urine passes through the sieve in the upper tray into the lower container. The rest is quickly absorbed by the natural wood litter and then decomposes into sawdust. This also falls through the holes in the upper tray as your cat paws and scrapes, while your cat’s paws stay dry and clean. With the included litter scoop your can easily remove any of your cat’s mess. Thanks to this cleverly designed litter tray you only have to clean out the soiled sawdust in the bottom tray! The PeeWee Wood Pellets are very economical, as they are extremely absorbent and biodegradable. With the integrated activated charcoal filter it ensures that all unpleasant odours are trapped and won’t spread throughout the house. As the pellets are dust-free and absorb liquid extremely quickly, your cat won’t drag any dirt through your home. A perfect solution for anyone looking for an environmentally friendly litter tray without having to sacrifice convenient handling and the well-being for your pet. The PeeWee EcoDome Starter Pack contains the following products: PeeWee EcoDome Hooded Litter Tray PeeWee Litter Scoop 3kg PeeWee Wood Pellets Cat Litter, information can be found here PeeWee EcoDome Starter Pack at a glance: Hooded litter tray for cats with a litter scoop and environmentally friendly wood litter Clever design with a double bottom that meets the demands for comfort sustainability 2 trays: an upper tray with a sieve a lower tray that catches decomposed wood litter and urine Practical design: wooden pellets decompose after contact with urine and fall through the sieve, so that only the lower tray needs to be emptied Dry clean paws: wood litter is dust-free and does not stick to paws or fur after use Odourless: the pellets are highly absorbent bind unpleasant odours together with an activated carbon filter With transparent swinging door: ideal for cats who like their privacy High sides: suitable for cats that stand to pee Removable cover: for easier cleaning With folding carry handle: easy to transport Economical environmentally friendly: 100% natural, biodegradable wood litter, free from scents, binders other chemicals Colour: black/ anthracite or grey/ anthracite Material: plastic Dimensions: Total: 66.5 x 48.5 x 46.5 cm (L x W x H) Entrance: 25 x 26.5 cm (W x H) Entrance height: approx. 16cm

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