Purizon Adult Sterilised Turkey & Chicken – 6.5kg

Purizon Adult Sterilised Turkey & Chicken, Purizon Adult Sterilised Turkey Chicken premium dry cat food at a glance: High protein content (44%) 70% carefully se…

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Purizon Adult Sterilised Turkey & Chicken – 6.5kg, Purizon Adult Sterilised Turkey Chicken premium dry cat food at a glance: High protein content (44%) 70% carefully selected meat and fish ingredients 30% fruit, vegetables and herbs 0% added grain (gluten-free) Reduced energy content to support ideal weight DL-methionine supports healthy urinary tract Low fat Made in Europe No artificial preservatives, taste enhancers or colours Purizon grain-free premium dry cat food takes its inspiration from the natural diet of the carnivorous cat. In the wild cats eat a diet consisting mainly of meat so its teeth and digestive system are suited to meat and protein and its metabolism is able to process meat and animal fats far more easily than grain. The meat and animal protein in Purizon Adult Sterilised Turkey Chicken includes fresh turkey meat and tender chicken. This tasty kibble contains 70% meat ingredients so it is rich in healthy animal protein (44%) and well accepted. Purizon Adult Sterilised is also grain-free and packed highly nutritious ingredients with no added cereals or sugars. Instead of grains or rice, Purizon contains 30% top-quality fruit, vegetables and herbs. These provide important vitamins and minerals which can help to keep your cat healthy and full of life. Gentle and careful preparation ensures the vital nutrients are retained and the original flavour is preserved. It is completely free from grain, gluten, artificial colours and preservatives. Neutered or sterilised cats often have an increased appetite even though they are not particularly active. Their metabolism slows down and they put on weight. Purizon dry food for sterilised and neutered cats takes this into account and has a reduced energy content (14.5% fat compared to 20% fat in Purizon Adult Chicken Fish). This can help your cat to maintain its ideal weight. Sterilised cats are also more at risk of urinary infections. Purizon Adult Sterilised is enriched with DL-methionine which can help to reduce the urinary pH and lower the risk of urinary stone. Purizon Sterilised is a premium complete food for adult cats of all breeds and sizes. It is available in the following sizes: 400g, 2.5kg and 6.5kg. Purizon – Nature is our inspiration! Please note: Article 994718.1 is not available for delivery to Northern Ireland or the Channel Islands.

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