Purizon Large Adult Chicken & Fish – 6.5kg

Purizon Large Adult Chicken & Fish, Purizon takes inspiration from the natural diet of the carnivorous cat. As a premium cat food, Purizon contains 70% meat an…

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Purizon Large Adult Chicken & Fish – 6.5kg, Purizon takes inspiration from the natural diet of the carnivorous cat. As a premium cat food, Purizon contains 70% meat and fish. It has a high protein content, with no added cereals. Purizon is a species appropriate cat food, with a high meat content, just as your cat would eat in the wild. The cat’s teeth, jaws and digestive tract have evolved to process meat and proteins and your cat is able to digest animal protein-rich food more easily than food with grain. This tasty food includes fresh chicken and tender fish meat, as well as highly nutritious ingredients such as salmon oil. Instead of grains or rice which your cat would find hard to digest, Purizon is made up of 30% quality fruit, vegetables and herbs that provide important vitamins and minerals which help to keep your cat health and full of life. Gentle and careful preparation ensures the vital nutrients are retained and the original flavour is preserved. It is well-accepted and easily digested. Purizon Large Adult Chicken Fish premium complete dry cat food takes the needs of larger cats into consideration. The XL kibble is adapted to suit the jaws of big cat breeds and motivates them to chew. This tasty dry food also contains chondroitin and glucosamine which are both important for cartilage formation. Plant fibre encourages the expulsion of swallowed hair and therefore helps to prevent hairballs. Purizon Large Adult Chicken Fish premium complete dry cat food at a glance: 42% protein content 70 % carefully selected meat and fish 30% fruit, vegetables and herbs Completely grain-free (gluten-free) XL-size kibble 30% fruit, vegetables and herbs Rich in chondroitin and glucosamine, natural cartilage building blocks Plant fibre helps to reduce hairballs With essential omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for shiny fur Fresh chicken is well-accepted and easy to digest No artificial preservatives, taste enhancers or colours Made in Europe Purizon: premium, sustainable cat food made only using natural ingredients of the highest quality. 70% finest meat fish, 30% fruit, vegetables, herbs, minerals, vitamins and 0% grain. The benefits of Purizon dry cat food: High protein content (min. 40%): The cat is a carnivorous animal by nature. They need plenty of protein to stay healthy. Purizon is made with lots of fresh meat and fish so it has a high protein content which is a great source of energy for your cat. Fresh chicken provides easy-to-digest proteins and is well accepted by cats. Grain-free: Grain is often used as a cheap filler or as a cheap source of energy and protein in dry cat food. However, in the wild cats would not naturally eat grain and the feline digestive system is not suited to digesting large amounts of grain. According to veterinarians an excessive grain intake can lead to serious health issues, obesity and subsequent illness. No grain at all has been added to Purizon. Fruit and vegetables are a great, healthy alternative: Instead of rice or grain Purizon dry cat food is made with premium quality fruit and vegetables which help to keep your cat healthy and full of life. Fish and salmon oil are naturally rich in omega-3 fatty acids which are good for your cat’s skin and fur. Eggs are a source of top quality animal protein and contain vitamins and minerals as well as zeaxanthine and lutein which both support healthy eye sight Taurine: is a vital nutrient for cats since they cannot produce sufficient amounts. It is excellent for heart function and good eyesight. Purizon is a premium complete dry food for adult cats of all breeds and sizes. It is available in the following sizes: 400g, 2.5kg and 6.5kg.

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