Rosie’s Farm Adult Slow-cooked Chicken & Turkey – 6 x 400g

Rosie’s Farm Adult Slow-cooked Chicken & Turkey, Rosie’s Farm Adult Slow-cooked Chicken Turkey at a glance: 60% chicken and turkey meat and offal gives your dog…

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Rosie’s Farm Adult Slow-cooked Chicken & Turkey – 6 x 400g, Rosie’s Farm Adult Slow-cooked Chicken Turkey at a glance: 60% chicken and turkey meat and offal gives your dog all the animal protein they need Delicately cooked to preserve nutritional purity Holistically balanced selection of vitamins and minerals Gloriously grain-free and easy to digest Linseed oil contains omega-3 which can help to promote shiny fur and healthy skin No added sugar or artificial sweeteners Completely free from soya and lactose Perfect for adult dogs of all breeds and sizes Crafted with care by a small family business Rosie’s Farm Slow-cooked Chicken Turkey adult wet dog food is lovingly made with 60% chicken and turkey, enriched with a selection of fruit and vegetables, including pumpkin, carrots, broccoli, peas, cranberries and botanicals. We believe that your dog deserves to enjoy properly natural food, so Rosie’s Farm meals contain only meat and high-quality offal – no rendered meat meal. Just like the food you make at home, we don’t use any horrid chemical additives, fillers or fake flavour enhancers – only whole, natural ingredients treated properly to bring out their true flavour. Our gentle steaming process preserves the essential vitamins and minerals in each bowl. Plus, the splash of linseed oil helps keep your dog’s coat glossy and their skin supple. Spoil your dog with the traditionally tasty recipes just like you and your family enjoy together. This grain-free food is also kind to tummies, making it ideal for dogs with nutritional intolerances Rosie’s Farm food is rounded off with a selection of delicious fruit veg, and will keep your dog’s tail wagging right through the day. There are lots of scrumptious Rosie’s Farm dog food recipes for your dog to enjoy. Your deserving doggie diner is sure to be delighted when you serve up a meal of: hearty Country-Style Beef rustic Shepherd’s Pie Lamb mouthwatering Seaside Feast Fish Chicken succulent Poacher’s Pot Game, Pheasant Salmon savoury Slow-cooked Chicken Turkey Or why not try the handy Mixed Trial Pack: 2 x 400g Chicken Turkey, 2 x 400g Beef, 2 x 400g Lamb with 3 different varieties. Each one more delicious than the next. Click here for further information on the individual varieties. And if your dog prefers dry food, or you like to mix and match, there is also a range of mouthwatering Rosie’s Farm dry dog food to choose from. Click here to find out more. Rosie’s Farm: Food to fall for! ❤️

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