Vetoquinol Ipakitine – 180g

Vetoquinol Ipakitine, Dogs and cats suffering with chronic renal insufficiency should consume as little phosphate as possible with their food, and this Vetoquin…

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Vetoquinol Ipakitine – 180g, Dogs and cats suffering with chronic renal insufficiency should consume as little phosphate as possible with their food, and this Vetoquinol Ipakitine supplement helps to reduce the phosphate content of nutrition. It is an ideal addition to your pet’s diet, removing the need to switch to a specialised veterinary diet. The powder can be easily mixed in with your pet’s daily food and can help improve overall wellbeing and quality of life. Thanks to the phosphate-binding properties of Vetoquinol Ipakitine supports your pet’s kidney function in an efficient and natural way. Chitosan can also help to absorb uremic toxins in the digestive tract, actively reducing them. This nutritional supplement is suitable for long-term use in every phase of chronic renal insufficiency. Before adding this Vetoquinol Ipakitine to your pet’s nutrition, be sure to speak with your veterinarian and be aware that in later years this nutritional may eventually need to be replaced with a veterinary diet and/or combined ACE inhibitors. Vetoquinol Ipakitine at a glance: Nutritional supplements for dogs and cats with chronic renal insufficiency Recipe relieves the kidneys, promotes healthy function and improves quality of life Phosphate-binding: reduces the phosphate content of food to support kidney health Ideal alternative to specialist food: can be mixed with your pet’s usual diet rather than needing to switch to a dietetic reduced-phosphate food With chitosan: proven in studies to absorb uremic toxins Simple to administer: the powder can simply be mixed in with your pet’s daily food Can be used in the long-term: during each phase of chronic renal insufficiency Produced by experts in pet health Please note: Consult your vet before use. Be aware that in later years you may need to use a specialist diet and/or ACE inhibitors. Please note: This product is not available for delivery to Northern Ireland.

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