YuDIGEST Digestive Supplement for Dogs – 120 Tablets

YuDIGEST Digestive Supplement for Dogs, YuDIGEST Digestive Supplement for Dogs is a unique combination of prebiotics and probiotic bacteria, specially formulate…

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YuDIGEST Digestive Supplement for Dogs – 120 Tablets, YuDIGEST Digestive Supplement for Dogs is a unique combination of prebiotics and probiotic bacteria, specially formulated to support your dog’s digestive health in a number of ways. This nutritional supplement for dogs helps to keep stool firm, reduce wind and increase the levels of ‘good’ bacteria in your dog’s gut. Each YuDIGEST Digestive Supplement for Dogs tablet contains over 200 million probiotic Enterococcus faecium bacteria, which work on keeping optimum levels of friendly bacteria for overall improved health. The active ingredients such as MOS, scFOS and beta-glucans support natural balance and ensure a better quality of life for your dog. They are scientifically proven to reduce ‘bad’ bacteria and include the unique BioActiv™ complex, in an easy-feed format that allows for simple daily feeding. YuDIGEST Digestive Supplement for Dogs at a glance: Unique supplement to support digestive health in dogs With active ingredients such as scFOS, MOS and beta-glucans to help support natural balance in the digestive system Prebiotics and probiotics: including over 200 million Enterococcus faecium bacteria in each tablet, supporting levels of ‘friendly’ bacteria Formulated with scientifically-proven ingredients: including a unique BioActiv complex that helps to block ‘bad’ gut bacteria Improves stool quality: helps to keep stools firm and reduce wind Tablet form: easy to feed on a daily basis Active ingredients in YuDIGEST Digestive Supplement for Dogs: BioActiv™ Complex: scientifically proven to help boost the health-protecting ‘friendly’ bacteria in your dog’s gut, blocking points where pathogens can attach and helping to take nutrients from the ‘bad’ bacteria Probiotic E. faecium: over 200 million of these Enterococcus faecium ‘good’ bacteria are in each tablet, helping to support natural levels of healthy bacteria scFOS, Beta-Glucans and MOS: work together to support a healthy balance in the gut, improving overall intestinal health Please note: This product is not available for delivery to Northern Ireland.

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